About Us

Growing up in a pre-dominate Hispanic community very early in life, we understood what 'un cafecito con pan' meant. It was time for coffee and a piece of sweet bread. It was more than just snack time; it was a gathering around the table to spend quality time with each other. This sentiment is true from childhood to adulthood. We love our coffee and our community. Grind came to fruition with that same sentiment, to bring people together through coffee. Through the years, we've seen coffee change from instant coffee to coffee being mixed with tonic water. We've seen it go from dark roast to light roast, and through it all, the community still gathers around the table to enjoy it. That is Grind. We gather as a community to enjoy each other and coffee.




Maryann was born and raised in Mission, Texas. From a very young age, she'd spend her afternoons with her grandma and aunts, watching them sip coffee during the afternoon. Sometimes, her grandma would let her sip coffee. Eventually, Maryann began to sip coffee with her mom and dad, slowly going from milk with coffee to sugar with coffee. Her love for coffee catapulted when she tasted her first Aeropress with an Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe. No sugar, no milk but so much flavor. That is what she wants to bring to the community, an eye-opening experience of what coffee can taste like.